“The value equation of industrial-era capitalism was toxically imbalanced. Why is indust

rial era business so destructive – why does it slash and burn rainforests, endanger entire species, vaporize culture and community, marginalize the poor and disadvantaged, and erode our health and vitality? 

Because none of those have value in an industrial economy: none are capitalized. So the beancounters of the world are free to plunder and ruin them – because, economically, they actually don’t exist.

20th century capitalism, in other words, marginally valued pure financial capital too highly, while marginally valuing human, natural, social, and cultural capital at zero – or, at the limit, negatively.”

del blog del profesor Umair Haque, cuya pista encuentro en el libro Intangible Capital, Adams y Oleksak, Praeger, 2010.