friends and colleagues of all over the world are probably starting to pack and get ready to travel to Madrid for the DMI European Conference.

if you happen to be here on the 23, make sure you show up at the opening reception of the Conference at IE Business School in the evening.

during the day, if you are not attending the pre-conference workshop by Sally Brazier and Pat Kinsley, you can enjoy “the day of the books” in the city: lots of events in museums, institutions, etc (check the programme here) and a 10% off on all books in all bookshops all throughout the day.

my recommendations:

La Central (very large but great)

Pantha Rei (design and illustration)

La Mar de Letras (children’s book)

Ocho y medio (movies)

Bajo el Volcán (books and records)

Desnivel (travel and sports)

Libros Libres (free books)

Enclave (politics, poetry)

bookshop cum bar: Tipos infames, Café Molar, La Fugitiva, La Buena Vida, and a long etc., especially in Malasaña and Chueca neighbourhoods.