What would it take to get some 30 of the smartest and busiest people of different parts of the country (and me) to spend a whole working day reflecting on a mere vision? Don’t even try: you need to be Soulsight Madrid to achieve something of the like!

The first session of their “Rethinking Business” project took place yesterday. dress code was “comfortable”. so I was so scared that they had us playing games… luckily enough, the script was more conventional: we had a short introduction on recent highlights, followed by a great discussion on their consequences for biz, And then on to the well-known sequence of group-splitting-sticky-notes-dealing which ended some 6 hours later by the ever too short individual presentation. The whole thing efficiently and nicely guided and facilitated by the wonderful team of Soulsighters.

We heartily reflected and discussed and drank and ate and networked. It was pleasant, sometimes fun, and inspiring above all. I also found it comforting because it helped me confirm I am no weirdo: things ARE changing dramatically and we need to get ready.

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